Riding Lessons

Group or Private Riding Lessons

We offer Riding School lessons starting from ages 4 years and above. All our instructors available are fully qualified and able to teach you what ever your level.

katie and shortieIPHONE 066IPHONE 230


  • 45 min private £29
  • 30 min Private £19


  • 45 min private £26
  • 30 min Private £16

Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30am-8pm , Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm, Monday and Friday closed.

Private groups must have between 4-6 people.

We will teach a variety of riding skills from:

  • Lunging – teaches good balance and position
  • Flatwork – riding the horse in an arena to teach you control and give you an understanding of the horse’s movement
  • Jumping – learn to jump fences in an arena
  • Hacking – riding out in the country side
  • Theory

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